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Let Alina Fainshtein’s Denture Clinic Repair Your Dentures

Occasionally dentures – both full and partial – can crack, break, chip or simply cease to fit your mouth because of gum shrinkage, weight loss, etc. This is why it’s important to visit your denturist from time to time to make sure your dentures fit their best.

Affordable, Same-Day Service

And remember, the denture clinic of Alina Fainshtein has an on-site lab, so most of these services can be taken care of the same day. Come in and see us if you need the following done:

  • Rebase – We rebase your dentures when the tooth portion is fine, but the acrylic base material is worn out or ill-fitting. When the denture teeth are still in good condition, the base part of the denture is replaced with new acrylic base, while keeping the existing denture teeth. We simply replace the old acrylic with new.
  • Reline – We add new base material to part of the denture that touches your gums so that you’ll have a fit as good as the first day you had dentures. Relines often are needed after weight loss, tooth loss, bone loss or disease.
  • Repair – If your dentures are broken or cracked, we can restore them to like-new condition.

Let Alina know if we can perform any of the aforementioned services for you.

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